Saturday, July 1, 2017


As soon as school was out we headed out to visit friends, supporters, and supporting churches.  What a blessing to be able to reconnect with so many people!

Our first stop was Ft. Worth, TX with the Martins.
Joe and Tracy worked with Reach Beyond at the mission hospital in Shell.

The Martin kids....sure miss them!

Next stop: Waco, TX and a Shell reunion.  Thanks to the Hardins we were able to see so many great friends!
 (Bartons, Martins, Bares, Koleskis, Hardins, Irwins)
Lots of people who understand what it's like to be missionaries and how hard it is to move "home."

Us with the Hardins and Koleskis

We had to take advantage of our location and visit the Magnolia store.

We also got to visit the Dr. Pepper museum.  Dr. Pepper started in Waco.

We were able to visit the Revills who have been friends/supporters for many years.
 Chad went to Moody Chicago with Molly and hadn't seen her since their freshman year.
The Hardins arranged for a Baylor stadium tour for Josiah.  A definite highlight of his summer!

Fun times with the Hardins....including playing Bean Boozled!

About a week after returning from TX we turned around and headed out to VA.

Chad's second family, the Hunts. Den and Jeannie are responsible for leading Chad's parents to the Lord.
Where would we be without them?

We were able to stay with the Zerenner family and they were kind enough to take us into DC to tour the Holocaust museum.  If we weren't missionaries we would've never had the opportunity to meet the Zerenners.  God has definitely put people in our lives on this journey to be an encouragement to us. 

A quick visit with the DeWitts, who are also long time supporters and big time encouragers.

Friends from Life Community Church in VA who we originally met when Chad flew them into the jungle in Ecuador many years ago. 

Another family we would've never connected with without missions: the Campbells.
We first met before any of the kids in this picture were born! 

We were able to stop in PA on our way home to see the Dunbars.  How did our kids get so big?!!
We used to serve in Ecuador with the Dunbars.  Wish we lived closer!

Toledo zoo trip with Chad's mom and the cousins.

Canoeing trip in Shipshewana with Andi's parents.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

End of the Year

The kids finished well at Crestview and another school year is in the books.  What great kids we have!  I wish I could say I was as flexible as they are when I was their age.  (Our last 2 furloughs ended with school being canceled right before Christmas break due to snow.  So, it was perfectly normal for the last day of school at Crestview to be canceled due to flooding!  I think it was only because the Irwin kids were here!)  Here are some highlights that happened during the last few months of school.

Josiah received a coach's award for track.

We visited long-time supporter Norma.  What a prayer warrior she is!!

Chad and I made a quick trip to East Tennessee and had to stop at our favorite overlook.  We have many pictures taken here from when we were first married and living in TN.

We were able to see the Lockners while in TN and I guess we like their dogs more than them, because we only have pictures of these cuties!!  I guess we'll have to visit again Kyle and Diann!

What a blessing it was to reconnect with friends from Moody Aviation days!  Thanks for rearranging your plans Davisons!

ALWAYS so fun to spend some time with our TN granny!  Janis you are one in a million!

Chad was able to spend some time in MI with the DuBois doing work stuff. Why can't all the fun people in our lives live in one place?!

Celebrating my Mom's birthday with my sister.

Olivia in her knight costume she constructed from cardboard for the Renaissance Fair.

My absolute FAVORITE class to substitute for.  Miss these kids...and Connie and Heather too!

Josiah was super blessed to have been part of swing choir this year.

Ford awarded Josiah with some "Crocs" and kind words.  (Josiah was nicknamed "Croc" this year by a coach because there were 2 Josiah's playing football.  Croc because of Steve Irwin the crocodile hunter.)

Olivia and some of her favorites.

Celebrating Easter by having a Seder meal with the Bagleys.  Great tradition.  Thanks Bagleys!

Painting and peeling wallpaper with the Bagleys.  Work is more fun in a group!

Visiting Chad's sister's family in MI. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Prom 2017

If you know Josiah at all, you know he wants to be wherever the party is! Earlier this year we had a discussion with Josiah and Olivia about prom and how Chad and I thought it was a waste of money and not a lot of fun. But, we didn't really think we would need to worry about prom this year though, as Josiah is just a sophomore. Well, a bunch of teens in the youth group starting talking about going to prom as a group.  Josiah wanted to be involved, so he and Ally (a senior) decided to go together just for fun.  (Remember, he's all about FUN!)  He had the best time and completely blew our theory about prom being a bore!  He also spent minimal money, because he borrowed a friend's suit.  He couldn't have asked for a better group of friends to have fun with either.

Josiah, Ally, Abigail and Josiah (I know! There are only 2 in the school!)

Us with the Bagleys.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Happy 50th Anniversary!!

Today is my (Andi) parent's 50th anniversary.  To say that I'm thankful for them is an understatement. They have done (and still do) so much for me and my family and have been an example of sticking together even in difficult times. I'm grateful for the Godly example they have shown me and for the change in all of our lives because of God's work in their marriage.  So, even though you didn't want a party....I still have to honor you in some way!  Love you both so much!

What a beautiful couple!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Snow and Life

Although we could see snow on the volcanoes, we didn't really get to enjoy it much in Ecuador.  The truth is we haven't enjoyed it too much in Ohio either.  It's fun for about a day, maybe an afternoon but our blood has thinned too much for much more than that.  Thankfully it's been a really mild winter and we haven't had to fight it too much.

First snowfall of the year.

Charlie (the Ecuadorian beagle) is training for his new job as an Alaskan sled dog.

Obligatory snow angel

Rosey cheeks.  I think this was a selfie as we were too cold to go out.  The kids stayed out for several hours.

Josiah wanted to go to Taco Bell for his birthday.  Strange kid, but dad was happy with his choice.

16 years ago we were preparing to leave for Costa Rica with this little guy.

Josiah and his friends (on the left) after they failed to get out of an Escape room for his birthday. 

Chad traveled to Spokane for Moody Aviation's mission's conference.  Jonathan and Andrew made sure they all maintained a strict dress code.

Some of you might remember "Snowy" from Ecuador.  He was gifted to our neighbors, but Granny Franny surprised the kids with an exact replica from pictures.