Thursday, August 18, 2016

Overnight in Tiwaeno

With almost 200 communities in the area where we fly in Ecuador, it's easy for some of them to blend together in our minds.  I can't always see someone on the streets of Shell and know what community they are from, unless they are from Tiwaeno.  Over the years, as you've seen in the blog, we've taken hundreds of teams to Tiwaeno.  Add to that all of the medical flights, the conferences, the Williams family flights and a heap of others and it all boils down to the fact that Chad has probably flown there more than any other airstrip.  Over those years we've made some life-long friendships with these dear people and it hurts to say goodbye.  They invited our family in for a goodbye party and they sure made us feel special.  They even decorated the hut where we celebrated and had supper.  That doesn't sound like too big a deal, but for jungle folks to even think about decorating made us feel so loved.  We had a great time and will never forget it.  We are blessed to have these dear people as loved ones and to know that they are praying for us as a family brings tears to our eyes.

Olivia made bracelets for her girlfriends in Tiwaeno.  

Gary and Matusalén outside waiting for our departure

I don't think these girls ever stop laughing.  

What do you do when you don't have refrigeration....smoke it!

It was so great that Josiah's friend Jonny could join us.

Josiah & Jonny

Monday, August 8, 2016

Awards Night 2016

The end of the year awards night is always a fun night for all of the Nate Saint families.  Really it is. It's fun for the kids to feel pride in the work they've accomplished during the year.  We have been blessed beyond measure to have our kids at Nate Saint Memorial School.

Olivia's 6th & 7th grade class: Mr. Umble, Joshua Fogg, Skyler Williams, Erik Umble, Joshua Isbell, Natalie Umble & Olivia
Josiah's 9th grade class: Karen Isbell, Josiah & Jonny Umble
Olivia's class doing a drama about Paul's life.
Josiah's class and the kindergarteners performing a song.
Johnny and the kindergartners  

Mr. Umble's craziness!

Before school was out, the kids also participated in a cultural fair.

Josiah and his project on Turkey
Mika visited during the cultural fair.  We will miss her!
Olivia's Finland project

Thursday, August 4, 2016

School Olympics

The School Olympics are always a highlight for the kids at Nate Saint Memorial.  For our kids this last olympics was extra special.  They really don't get a lot of chance to compete, so the Olympics are always a fun way for the school to have fun and have some lively competition as well.  The teams were really close until the very end. It all came down to the tug of war and the red team just didn't have the weight/strength to get it done.  They still had fun making memories with their friends. This year Chad even got to attend the whole event, which has never happened due to hangar responsibilities.

Josiah "jumping the river"


Tracey and I with some sweet stripes!

Olivia "jumping the river"
Josiah in the 40m dash

9th and 10th graders - Robby, Kevin, Jonny & Josiah

Mr. Umble always does such a great job being in charge of the olympics.

I'm not sure why the red team lost the tug of war.  Look at the size of some of those beasts!!!

The "red" team - Olivia, Erik, Joshua, Karen, Jonny, Josiah, Abby, John Paul, Reece, Katie and David
Also, as part of the olympics and the presidential fitness program, the kids participated in a mile run.

1st grade and under.

Miss Meuser even showed up from the US to cheer her former students on!

Steve...being Steve

Birgit, Lindsay, Jessa, Bailey, Andi, Shari and Shari's brother Jared

Katie really does love me...she just doesn't like to have her picture taken with me...unless I force her!

Chad and the girls!  Olivia, Abby, Karen, Brooklin & Emily

Tanner, Kevin, Jonny, Josiah & Robby