Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nate Saint House Project

Many of you know that we serve in a "historical" mission town.  The town of Shell is famous, especially among evangelicals because of the 5 missionaries that were martyred in 1956.  Nate Saint was an MAF pilot, based here in Shell, and also one of those who lost his life.  His family's home is still standing and for many years hasn't been inhabitable due to termite damage.   About a year ago MAF was contacted by a group called Fuel the Mission, who was interested in rebuilding the home.   We were all fairly skeptical about the whole idea, but have been pleasantly surprised.   Chris and Janet Nevins along with their son Elijah moved here to head-up the project and are such a blessing.  They began construction after I left to go to the US in June and when I arrived back in July it was AMAZING to see how much they had done.  They are salvaging all that they can, but obviously some things aren't salvageable due to the termites.   The new structure will include a kitchen, meeting room and bathrooms on the first floor.   Also on the first floor will be a museum area that will include the original radio room and kitchen.  On the second floor there will be an apartment on one end and office space for MAF on the other.  It will be so wonderful to have a space that we can use for more than just storage.   If you want to see more on the project go to   THANKS Nevins family for your hard work and willingness to serve!

Before pictures

In Process

A workteam from Arizona that helped with the electrical and plumbing.  Chris, Janet and Elijah are on the left.

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  1. Very unique and special posts lately guys...this one and the Shuar Bible Dedication. What an honor it must have been to be part of that Bible dedication. Sure was humbling to see in your pictures guys I recognize and flew treasuring that book in their hands! Very Special, I'm glad you got to be a part of it.