Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A New School Year

l-r:  Lydia Whitehead (7th), Rebecca D. (6th), Olivia (1st), Robbie D. (5th), and Josiah (4th)
School started last week.  These are the kids that I can now find in front of my house a half hour before school starts every day!   They are not allowed on school property until 8:00 - so that means that they hang out, talking about who knows what until that time.   The sad thing is that these are the only MAF kids we have here now.  When we arrived here in Ecuador there were at least 17 families here with MAF.  We are now down to 7 - with 2 of those being teachers.  It's kind of sad to see families leave and know that we aren't able to replace them due to new aviation laws.


  1. Is it a new traditon at Nate Saint for boys to wear Tennesee teams shirts on the first day of school? Thanks for posting the pic- how many students are at school this year?

  2. I guess we've got two clicks going - the TN gang and the NSMS t-shirt/black split skirt gang (although Lydia's mom wouldn't let her wear her navy shirt with her black pants....she's a slave to fashion!)! I think we have 26?? students this year.