Saturday, January 30, 2010


Here are a couple of "critters" that we've found in the last few weeks. It almost makes you want to come visit us....right?!

We were eating lunch one day when my Dad said "Hey, what's Lou sniffing?" We all turned to see a snake slithering across the yard with our Beagle right after it. We all ran outside to get Lou away from it and thankfully the snake stopped right beside our shed and waited for me to get a shovel! I got the shovel, but then handed it to my Dad. He was able to "save" us all and kill the snake - but sorry to say that the snakes head was disassembled prior to the photo shoot! His head is in the top left of the picture, by the grass. I'm sure this won't be our last snake story.

Here is the biggest cockroach I've ever seen. Chad found it in our attic.

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  1. What an interesting square on the cockroach's head--of course I can only say interesting because I am looking at a picture. It would not be as interesting if it was in our house!