Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Lauren's Bingo

To say "goodbye" to our friend Lauren, we hosted a Bingo night.  She didn't want to have a sappy party where she was going to feel sad...so instead we had a night with lots of laughs.  It's amazing how competitive people get with a game of chance!  There were some interesting prizes...so, it was funny how badly some folks wanted to win!

I know I said it in my last post, but we are truly going to miss Lauren!   Who will we watch funny YouTube videos with?  Who will watch our daughter when we go out of town?  Who will we have surprise parties for?  Who will we make fun of Jennifer with?  Life in Shell won't be the same.  Thanks for the great memories and for hanging out with us the past couple of years!

"The Bingo Master" made Lauren wear this awesome top hat until she won a Bingo....She wore it most of the night!!

Joshua and his sweet prize!

Serious concentration!

The "bingo master" takes a break.
The table that kept on winning....

Dan finally won!

Katie trying to get rid of her prize!

Everyone loved their winnings!

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