Wednesday, September 2, 2009

1st Day of School

Today was the first day of school at Nate Saint Memorial School. The kids were so excited this morning. They got up early and were ready to go. I told Olivia that she probably isn't going to always be so excited to go to school. She didn't understand that at all!

How can time go so fast? It's so amazing that Olivia has started Kindergarten already and we have a third grader too! Yikes! Why is it harder to see your little girl grow up, than it is to see your son?

It was fun leading new music this morning for chapel. We had a full chapel full of parents, siblings, students and teachers. That's fun to see - since last year was a slim year in numbers. I think we have 23 kids this year....I know, most of you had that many in your home room class! But, such is the life here at NSMS.

Happy Fair to all of you in Van Wert county! We miss home most during Christmas, summer and definitely fair time. So, everyone get out there and eat your fair share of all the great, healthy food at the fair!

*Note how far it is for the kids to walk to school! The school is right behind them in the picture (over Josiah's shoulder).


  1. Sweet!!! This will be fun to's about time you get on board. Sean

  2. Who is the punster in the family? Did you intentionally mean to encourage people to eat a FAIR amount of Fair food? :) I like your commentary and the pictures. Keep 'em coming!

  3. WOOOO-HOOOOO! YESSSSS! So glad you finally got on board :-) We're very grateful for the years we've recorded on our blogs. It's so fun to look back over the years and I know someday our girls will be very grateful that we recorded their lives in this rather unconventional way. We plan to make books out of our blogs too - that's actually very easy to do these days. You might be surprised how many people love to follow your "boring" lives... The Cannons, for example!

  4. We'll be your blog "groupies" too- now if we could only follow you on twitter... How many classes are at Nate Saint this year?


  5. Kerwin, only you would notice the unintentional pun! You do know that to be real missionaries you have to blog - right? It only took us 8 years to figure that out. So, come on board!

    Beth is teaching K (which has 8 kids!) and teaching some other random things in the afternoon. Shari (new teacher) has 2nd and 3rd (no 1st graders this year), and Randy has 4th - 6th.