Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Unexpected Visitor

On Monday, Chad called me while I was working at the school library and asked if it would be ok if we took a visitor out for lunch. Sure, I'm always up for not cooking! It turned out that Jeremy Woolley from England stopped by the hangar for a tour and wanted to check out the Nate Saint house (Nate Saint was an MAF pilot in the early 50's who was martyred, along with 4 of his friends by one of the indigenous groups that we serve today).

Jeremy was here with his university to do a month long service project in a town north of Quito. Because of his travels to Ecuador his friend gave him "In the Shadow of the Almighty"-by Jim Elliot (one of the men martyred along with Nate Saint) to read. After his volunteer time was up, he decided that he would travel a bit and take advantage of the opportunity to see where so much of the story took place. So, here's where we come into the story.

We went out for an almuerzo (lunch special) at Alexander's (for all of you that know Shell) and had a nice time getting to know Jeremy. We offered to let him stay the night with us, but he already had made arrangements in the next town, Puyo. We said our goodbyes and we were on our way. Around supper time, Chad called again. Jeremy came back by the hangar and would now like to stay. Woo Hoo! We LOVE visitors....especially our kids. You know you entertain too much when our kids ask every night who's coming to dinner and they get upset if it's just us!! Chad had told Jeremy that he might have a volcano flight to do in the morning for the volcanologists and said that he could go with him. That sounded lovely - except 95% of the time it's rainy or just too cloudy to do the flights (which ended up being the case this time as well). So, we were able to have supper together and Jeremy even got his first taste of Monday night football!

Jeremy just became a Christian on Feb. 9th of this year (a significant date....since it's my birthday!). It was neat to see the sparkle in his eyes with the newness of Christ in his life and how that is going to impact his future. What a neat, neat guy. I know that God has some pretty great things planned for him and his family and I can't wait to hear what unfolds.

Thanks Jeremy for staying with us and giving us the opportunity to get to know you (and try out our great British accents!).

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