Saturday, April 10, 2010


I forgot to write a post to say THANK YOU to everyone for praying for us after Olivia's "electrifying" experience. We could definitely tell you were praying.  Olivia can even joke about it now and her new nickname is "Sparky"! 

Here are some photos from Easter.  We were able to celebrate by going to a sunrise service at church, followed by a brunch and egg hunt for MAFers at our house.   We are still searching for eggs!!

 Josiah playing Peter in a song/drama.

   Olivia dancing during her Easter song.

 Decorating eggs.

 Ron & Carlitos

Beth, Shari & David

David & Dan

Lynette & Tracey

Fred, Desi, Alaina & Loren

The Easter Bunny

The kids searching for eggs.

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