Thursday, April 8, 2010

Senior Pics

We were able to take some senior pictures this past weekend of the son of some fellow MAFers.  Dan & Tracey Whitehead's son Jake is a senior at Alliance Academy in Quito.  The sad thing about being a missionary in Shell is that there isn't a good English high school option.  So, Jake and his brother Nick are living in a dorm five hours away in order to attend an international school.  

We had fun trying to get Jake to smile and it took some doing to get him to shave and get his haircut for some extra shots!  We wanted to make his Grandma happy! : )


1 comment:

  1. Man, in some of these pics he looks like Dan Jr...except with more hair. Jake has really grown up! Your last post with Los Rivera was crazy also, they look great, and his kids are really big now. It always amazes me how time continues it's march of life even when you aren't there to see it. Nice job capturing it for them. made any root beer lately?