Thursday, April 1, 2010

Church Friends

Last weekend the Pastoral staff from our church here was supposed to come to our house for a "photo shoot".  Well, two families out of five isn't it?!  Here are the couples that we were privileged to practice our hobby on!

Manuel, Lydia, Oliver and Jennifer have been our friends for a long time.  Manuel was our only hangar helper in Sucua for MAF when we first arrived.  He was also the Pastor of our church there.  When MAF closed our "base" in Sucua, Manuel was asked to move to Shell in order to fill a new Chaplain role in our hangar.  It was a tough decision for them, but I think they are happy they came.  So, Manuel is still employed by MAF - but he is also one of the Pastor's at our church in Puyo.  They are wonderful people, and we have loved watching their kids grow-up. 

The second family that posed for us was Orlando, Myra, Joab & Joel.  Orlando is also on the pastoral staff, but also works for the electric company.  He leads music at church as well and has an incredible voice.  Their family is so lovely.  We have shared some good laughs with them and are looking forward to getting to know them better.

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  1. Hola Andi, muy bonitas las fotos, a ver cuando podemos ir nosotros.