Monday, April 26, 2010

Meet Dixi

What kind of things do we take for granted?  I know one thing I take for granted is that if my child has a physical problem I have the "means" to try and find a solution.  That is not the case if you live in the jungle.  Chad was on a typical flight last week and landed in a village called Sebastian.  He happened to notice a little girl waddling away from the plane.  He asked around to find out who she belonged to and asked about her legs.  The Dad said that she was born that way and that no, they hadn't ever taken her to see a Dr.  Her name is Dixi and she is 7 years old.

Chad took a picture of her and brought it back to show to the surgeon here at Voz Andes (the HCJB run hospital).  Dr. Wolff wants to have some x-rays done - which means that we now need to figure out how to get her out on a flight etc.  Please pray that Dixi's legs can be corrected and that a family that thought there was no hope for her could see what God can do!

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