Friday, April 23, 2010


So, since I told you a couple of days ago about how I work in the library at school, I thought I had better give you a little background on the school.

Nate Saint Memorial School was started in 1964 as a dream of Nate Saint who believed it was important for kids to live at home during their formative years, instead of going to boarding school in another town/city.  This year we have 23 students and 3 North-American teachers, plus an Ecuadorian Spanish teacher.  The school is open to children of English speaking missionary families, who are in K-8th grades.  It is operated by HCJB Global, which is a mission that has a hospital here in Shell.

Right now we have 6 different mission organizations represented in our school.  HCJB and MAF are the main teacher "suppliers".   So, if you are a teacher....we would love to talk to you!  We do charge tuition, but it barely meets our running costs (in order to stay at a reasonable amount for the missionaries).  So, anything extra is usually by donation.  (which, by the way, as the would be great to have some "new" books to put in the library, instead of castoffs that have a 1940 published date!!)  If you are interested in donating to NSMS please contact me and I would LOVE to tell you what we could use.

 This is Randy Umble's class of 4th -6th grade.  He has 6 students.

This picture and the one below are of Josiah's class.  
His teacher is Shari Mueser and she teaches the 2nd and 3rd grade combination.  
There are 9 kids in the class.

Last, but not least, is the Kindergarten class, which is taught by Beth Patton Montero.  
There are 8 children in this class.  I didn't have a picture with Valerie in it, as she just started recently. (She's the sweet little girl with glasses in my previous library post.)


  1. Let me know what you are looking for! I taught for 10 years in a Christian school but when we moved there weren't any teaching jobs so I have some resources available in my closet I would be willing to share. :)

    What kind of books are you wanting for your library?

    I'd love to help!

  2. Our shepherd group would love to know what the school needs--other than teachers, which we will pray for! Email me the details when you get a chance.

  3. YOur school seems huge! Compared to ours. And your library is massive! Compared to ours. Wish you'd come be our librarian for a few weeks. We need some serious organization.

    We haven't found teachers yet for our school, so it looks like we'll be homeschooling this next year.