Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dixi Update - Post Surgery

If you remember from previous entries we were trying to help a young Achuar girl with severely bowed legs.  Dixi was able to have surgery at the HCJB hospital while we were in the US.  We thought that we would be back in time to see her recovering before she was flown back into the jungle.  But, the surgeon was able to do a less invasive surgery and she was gone before we were back.  The Dr. inserted a rod in one of her legs to help stop the growth  (sorry for the terribly technical explanation!).  We were sad not to get to see her, but glad that she was doing so well.   So, this past week Chad stopped in a community near where Dixi lives.  As he was getting into the plane to leave he noticed a lady standing among the people watching the airplane.  He couldn't shake the thought that he knew the lady somehow, and then it dawned on him.  It was Dixi's mom.  So, he got back out of the plane and asked if Dixi was there.  Sure enough, she was in the back of the group of people and Chad hadn't seen her.    It was such a blessing that Chad was able to catch up on her progress and figure out when she needed to see the Dr. again.    She will need to come back out in October for evaluation and possibly more surgery.  As Chad flew away from the village he couldn't get over the thought of how much God loves that little girl.    Please keep her on you prayer list, we know God has something great planned for her.    It's amazing how God orchestrates these "coincidences".

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