Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I don't know about you, but we LOVE to decorate for Christmas.   As soon as Thanksgiving is over, the Christmas things come out.  One of the things that the kids love the most out of all our decorations is "Snowy".  Snowy is a lighted snowman that sits outside by our front door.   We tend to talk about Snowy as if he's a real person....I know, we're weird like that! 

This year, right after Thanksgiving, the newly refurbished Nate Saint house was broken into.  The thieves made off with old things that we had on display in the "museum" room.  Things that didn't really have any monetary value - but they also stole our neighbor's stroller to "stroll" off with their loot.    Most homes here have bars over the windows and a large fence around them.  The Nate Saint house doesn't have either - but all of our MAF homes have bars - but no fence...which makes us more vulnerable.    All of this to say, when we got Snowy out from the attic I was leary to put him outside.   Last year was our first year in this "unprotected" house and all of the MAFers told me that Snowy was bound to get stolen.  Anyway, Chad reassured me that Snowy was here to serve us and he knows the risks of being outside - and he presses on!

Well, let's just say that we don't need to be fearful of thieves - it's our neighbors we need to fear.  They call themselves "friends" - but we know otherwise.  Snowy has been stolen several times and has reappeared in other locations and there has even been a letter circulating that has Snowy's signature on it - but we know that even though Snowy can do a lot of things, he certainly can't write!

How could anyone take away this snowman from these kids??!  Also, isn't it weird to see our kids in shorts at Christmas time?!
 So, in the midst of all this drama fun, we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas!   Wish we could be in Ohio enjoying some snow!


  1. I beg to differ. . .I know Snowy has his own email account and i believe what he wrote.

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family. We know it is hard to be away from family during the holidays.

    We have had a lot of snow this year in Idaho. We are all enjoying sitting around the wood stove.

    Merry Christmas and thank you for serving God in Ecuador.

    Harold and Cheryl Holcomb