Thursday, December 2, 2010


Can you say busy?!!  We have been so busy for the past few weeks with great friends from Pleasant View Church.  What a blessing!  First, Kristy Bagley came on a "buddy" pass for a week of fun.  She lived here in 2006/2007 with her family.  Her husband, Jeff, was a teacher for a year at the Nate Saint school. We spent most of our time just catching up and enjoying the time.  It was fun to show her all the things (there aren't that many) that have changed in Shell and just hanging out.

Kristy timed her trip so that we could take her back to the airport in Quito and pick up our next guests, saving us an extra 4-5 hours trip.  We dropped her off  and then hung around to pick up our pastor and his family for a 10 day visit.  So, we have been a bit occupied.  I'll write more about the Millays this next week.

Kristy, Me, Lynette DiCrasto & Tracey Whitehead

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