Friday, January 21, 2011

The Latest

We've put off updating anyone this week in hopes that we would have great news to report.  Well, we don't have great news - but there's a glimmer of hope.   DAC has given us permission to fly with our 2 Ecuadorian pilots and David Mead who is an ADSE (the Ecuadorian affiliate of MAF) pilot who has his "green card" to work here due to being married to an Ecuadorian.  We have hopes that they will give us two 6 month extensions that will allow our US pilots to fly in order to do training.  Beyond that is a question mark.

Chad and I spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Quito trying to get our paperwork together to apply for our residency here.  We can do this "easily" due to Olivia being born here.  This essentially would give Chad the same status as David Mead, and therefore allow him to fly indefinitely.

We have had some ups and downs emotionally this week.  It's just all very draining.  Our future is always an unknown - but we are trying our hardest to cling to God and trust in Him.   Sometimes it's very appealing to just pack up and go home.

Please continue to pray that DAC would see and understand what it is that we do.   These are the people that are hurting when we can't fly.....

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