Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Christmas in January

Gloria has worked for us since we moved to Shell, right before Olivia was born.  If you remember, my dad rewired her house last year.  Ever since then, dad has had it on his heart to buy her a new refrigerator.  Appliances here can be fairly pricey and she would've never been able to afford a new refrigerator.   Her old frig was using a lot of power, which she also can't afford.  So, with the help of several other families, along with our own, we were able to get Gloria a new frig for Christmas.  She was sure surprised!  She told me later that her boys had a hard time sleeping because they kept checking on it to make sure no one was stealing it! What a great reminder of how I take so many "luxuries" for granted.

My dad (Ron), Daniel (Gloria's 13 year-old son), Gloria, and Chad

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