Monday, March 21, 2011

Camp Kids

Chad has been super busy the past couple of weeks with Compassion International's yearly camp.  About this time every year MAF has the privilege to fly sponsored kids from their jungle communities to Shell.  Then they hop on a bus and head to the coast for a week of fun at camp.  Sometimes it's the child's first time out of the jungle and for others it's their first time seeing the ocean!

Waorani kids from the village of Acado

The community welcomes back the "campers".

This past week was Monica's turn.  Monica is sponsored by my parents and lives in the village of Achuar.  We were so excited to hear that she and her older brother were both coming out for camp.  In order to be eligible, the kids have to memorize verses and do all the assigned bookwork.  The lessons help prepare the kids for a God encounter while at camp.  We can't wait to hear stories and how much fun they had!

Monica and a rare, almost never seen smile!  She is soooo shy!
Monica and her brother Israel (in the middle with the blue shirt), along with other "campers" from the village of Achuar.

The first week was for Waorani kids, the second week was for Waorani leaders, and this past week was for Achuar kids.  This week alone there were 92 kids.  That's a lot of flights considering you can only fit 5 kids per plane!

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