Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Please Pray for the Umbles

Please pray for the Umbles.  Here's what I wrote about them in an earlier post....

Randy is a teacher at Nate Saint Memorial School.  He has been the one constant teacher since we've been here.  He's also typically the only male at the school - which is always nice when you need something fixed or a bit of muscle for the job.  Randy is now experiencing kidney failure and is possibly looking at a transplant.  They were in Quito for December and January, so that Randy could be on dialysis and have now moved to the US to investigate what's "next".

Please pray for their family - Randy, Melanie, Jonny (4th grade and Josiah's best friend), Natalie (3rd grade), Erik (1st grade), and Katie (5).   Along with all of this stress they are also dealing with giving up two foster children.

Well, the "next" is happening tomorrow.  Melanie is donating one of her kidneys tomorrow to Randy.  Please pray with us that all would go well and that this would "heal" Randy's body.  Also, pray for the kids as I'm sure this is super stressful to see both of their parents going into surgery.  


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