Monday, May 2, 2011


The closest, active volcano to us - Tungurahua -  is once again spewing.  Usually when that happens the ash cloud goes to the west, which is away from us.  But, this weekend we have been showered with the fine grit and everything is covered.  We were taking photos for a family and just a walking through the grass made our feet black.   Every time this happens I wonder how people can live at the bottom of an active volcano and not live in constant fear.  Thankfully we haven't heard of anyone being hurt, but some have been evacuated.  Chad was flying back from Quito on Friday and had to fly over the mountains instead of through the mountain pass because the volcano was shooting "car-sized" rocks into the air and the ash cloud was reaching 35,000 feet.   But, just so you know, we are not in any danger.  We are close enough to see it smoking in the distance, but far enough away to not be affected.

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