Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Olivia's Turn

As I have mentioned before, the kids take turns going with Chad when there's an empty seat on a flight.  So, when Chad called to say that he was taking some visitors to Tiwaeno for a "tour," Olivia jumped at the chance to go.  When there are visitors in Shell they may pay for a flight to a community and see what a typical village and flight are like.  This is the same village that we talked about visiting with the Buettners in this previous post.

Olivia was super excited to go because she has a friend there that is ALWAYS asking about her.  Her name is Gima.  On this trip the girls from the village gave Olivia a Waorani name.  Her new name is Yedo, which means big river.  They gave her this name because they know how much she loves to swim.

Olivia and Gima

Chad had asked Pegonka to make him a blow gun a few months ago and on this trip he was able to bring it home.

There were bats flying inside the hut where they were doing their chanting demonstration.  So, this boy picked up a blow gun and shot one on his first shot!

It's very typical to see indigenous people without shoes in the jungle.  Which means their feet are very wide.

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