Saturday, October 29, 2011

Masaramu Part 2

If you guessed Grubs about our snack in the last post, you are correct.  A kind lady from the village brought them to us wrapped in a leaf.  When we opened the leaf there were probably 15 big fat grubs crawling around.   Can you say yum?  I couldn't.   Wilson said they are much better if grilled, so we all agreed that we could stomach it if they were grilled.   They actually weren't too bad after being grilled, although there was still a juicy pop after you bit into it for the first time.  You just can't eat them with the image of them squirming around in your mind.  

While we were still eating our grubs the village leader, Galo, showed up to tell us that our lunch was ready.  He and his family were very kind to cook all of our meals for us.   Lunch was catfish (you can see mine looking right back at you in the photo below) and it was very good.  I almost always enjoy eating in the jungle and I don't think I've ever gotten sick afterwards.  I can't say that about a lot of local restaurants.  Along with the catfish was cooked plantains and yuca.  We enjoyed eating and talking to Galo and his family.   He seemed to be a very attentive father and you could see his love for his children in the way he interacted with them.   It was special to see him with his kids.  It's not that village men don't love their kids, but you don't usually see them express it.  We also found out that the little boy whose foot Joe had treated was Galo's oldest son.

After lunch  we headed back to the school room to finish preparing for the afternoon's lessons.

Doctor Joe and Wilson enjoying our lunch

Hey!  What are you looking at?!!!

Grubs anyone?

Jonathan digging in

Doctor Joe downing some fresh brewed chicha

One of Galo's daughters enjoying her chicha

Who knew wheel-barrels could be so fun?

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