Monday, October 24, 2011

Random Pictures

Here are some random photos of our ministry here.....starting with the 2011 staff picture.

It's so amazing how few "gringos" there are in this picture!  The only MAF missionaries are Rob (radio tech), Ron (base maintenance), Chad, and Dan (pilot).  When we arrived in Ecuador there were 17 US missionary families!

A Compassion International team
Picking up an air ambulance patient.

Alas mechanic David Aguilar

Maximo flight following, while our chaplain, Manuel looks on.  Any time an Alas plane takes off or lands, he has to report his location and estimated time of arrival.  Also, the flight followers get weather reports from the different communities in the jungle, as well as any requests or emergencies that come up.
Makuma is the community where we attended the Shuar Bible dedication.

Vozandes is the HCJB mission-run hospital.  This ambulance is at our hangar a lot during the week.  About 30 % of our flying is for air ambulance.

Maximo taking a break.

It's very common to have people peering in the plane windows when you land.


Unloading a patient.

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  1. You would think the way Manuel is bundled up that there was a snow storm outside. jajajaj