Thursday, December 15, 2011

Prayer Request

Last year when DAC (the FAA equivalent here) gave our American pilots one more year to fly, we thought we had plenty of time to find a solution.  Well, here we are.  We, as a family (besides Olivia, the Ecuadorian), have applied for Ecuadorian residency.  This would give us the right to work here legally, without restriction.  We applied for this residency in April, and now it is December.  Who in the world would've thought it would ever take this long!  Ok, besides anyone who has tried to get legal work done in the third world!  Now, I guess, everything is done except our paperwork needs the signature of the director, and it's supposedly been on his desk for the past three weeks.  Could you please pray with us that the director could miraculously sign our papers tomorrow, so that next week we can travel to Quito and finish everything.  If this could all happen, Chad wouldn't have to be grounded for too long.

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