Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tobias & Paulina

About a month ago we had the privilege of taking some photos for a sweet couple's wedding, Tobias and Paulina.  Paulina is the daughter of one of our pastors here, Wilson & Magi Cuvi.  Paulina met Tobias, who is from Switzerland, at Bible school in Argentina.  They are now enjoying wedded bliss in very cold Switzerland!  Brrrrr! 

It was amazing to see how the weather cooperated with us for the day.  It sprinkled as we took Paulina to the hair salon to get ready, but stopped as she left to go get dressed and take some photos.  Then it started to sprinkle again as she got out of the car for the ceremony, POURED during the entire ceremony and reception, and then was clear once we needed to go outside for photos.  AMAZING!

Congratulations Tobias & Paulina!

I love that the two families prayed in their own languages before they said their goodbyes.


  1. I love looking at wedding photos, thanks for sharing!

  2. Queremos agradecerte por tu apoyo con las fotos por el excelente trabajo, por tu tiempo y dedicacion y asi tambien por captar uno de los momentos mas especiales de nuestras vidas.
    Destacar tu puntualidad, paciencia, empeño e imaginacion!! Estas fotos reflejaron la excelente tarea que han hecho.
    Estamos contentos con las fotos, que vimos hasta ahora, pero estamos ansiosos que lleguen las demas......
    Con amor
    Tobias y Paulina