Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dixie's Struggles

Many of you have read our earlier posts about a little girl named Dixie.  Dixie touched out hearts over a year ago when Chad happened to visit her community to pick up a jungle teacher.  When he saw her walking towards the airplane with two very crooked legs, his heart broke.  Eventually with the help of some very special supporters and a wonderful doctor we were able to bring her out for two minor surgeries that the doctor hoped would improve her condition.

Now, after several follow up visits the doctor has determined that her legs are continuing to worsen.  His concern is that without a much more invasive surgery, Dixie's legs will continue to worsen until she is no longer able to walk.  Remember, Dixie lives in an isolated Achuar community about 45 minutes away by MAF airplane.  There is no doctor, nor roads, nor any way that Dixie will get help otherwise.
Dixie with her mom and her surgeon, Dr. Wolff.

Why are we writing again???  The problem that we face now, is convincing the family that this time the surgery will help.  It's hard to see your child suffer and it's a hardship for the family when one of the parents is away.  Now we're asking that Dixie come out for 6 weeks ( along with her mom or dad) for a surgery that involves breaking both her legs and pinning the bones back together.   This is the surgery that doctors wanted to avoid, but at this point there is no other option.  WE NEED YOUR PRAYERS!!

Tomorrow we will be flying Dixie back to her community.  Please pray that Dixie's dad will see through the pain that Dixie will have to go through and agree to the surgery.  Pray also that we will find more funding for the flights for Dixie (if her parents agree to the surgery).  We've used up all of the previous donation and are looking for more help with the transportation costs if we do more flights.  Pray most of all for Dixie.  She is a beautiful creation of our Heavenly Father and we want to see Him glorified through her life.  Pray that we will be open to His leading and show her the God kind of love!!!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this amazing story of care, involvement, investment and hope. Please keep us posted!