Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Forgotten Party Pictures

Our Alas Christmas party pictures somehow got missed on here they are!  Of course you would never know they were from Christmas since we all have shorts on and it's so sunny and nice!

It wouldn't be an Ecuadorian party if you didn't play games.  So, we started by playing a scavenger hunt.  The teams all hunted for things that were hidden around the property.  All items were edible.  After you brought all your items back, then you had to use some of the hunted items to create a pasty mixture, which then had to be eaten without using your hands.  After that was completed then your team had to drink a 3 liter of Coke.  Finally someone on the team had to whip an egg by hand and make it stiff enough so it stayed in the bowl when held upside down.

It was a fun team-building time!

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