Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Science Fair

The science fair was last week and if you knew me in high school you know I hated the science fair.  I never did well.  So, when Josiah said he had to do the science fair I wasn't super thrilled.  But, his teacher, Mrs. Martin, is AWESOME!  I can't believe how much he (and me too!) learned while doing his project.  His project was on the affect of using different weights of paper for paper airplanes.  He was so stressed about the judging part.  He always wants to win everything so badly that he puts so much stress on himself.  This either causes tears or an upset stomach.  We are currently working on how to lose well.  Unfortunately he didn't have to deal with our teaching on Friday.........

 .....because he came in 1st place!!!    He was beyond shocked about it all!  We were so proud of all the work he did to make his project great.  I guess it was a great day to teach winning well too!

Kevin - 3rd place, AJ - Teacher's Choice, Jonny - 2nd place and Josiah - 1st place

Jonny, Josiah & Duncan (judge)   We didn't even have to bribe Duncan!

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  1. So cool! Love those winning moments. Congrats to Josiah. Would he mind if we posted that top picture on FB with a message about his project...since it is plane related and all. :)

    Jenn Wolf, HQ