Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dunsmore Visit

Dennis and Sandy Dunsmore came down for a visit in May.  They have been friends of Chad's family since their days at New Covenant Fellowship.  They now live in Florida and are always eager to travel.  Sandy should be named the "Queen of Cheap Travel!"  She is always on the hunt for cheap tickets somewhere.  They LOVE to travel and have visited 30+ countries!  We are trying to recruit them to come down and work - Sandy is a teacher and Dennis is a doctor.  We could use them both here in our small community!  We had a great visit and can't wait to see them again....SOON! Here are a few pictures from their visit. 


Notice the cable cars in the middle of the ravine....and the one below.

Shopping in Otovalo.

Freezing in Quito!

The dique in Shell.

Chad took them to Tiweano for a tour.

Dewy praying for Chad.

Dennis shopping in the jungle!

Our little family in Shell.

It's always fun to see photos from friends that visit.  You forget that some things are odd....does your meat arrive at the market like this?
I'm not sure who this is!! 


  1. Hi, I have been following your blog and I find it very fascinating! Dan and Diana McKeen recommended it to me as I have been on 3 mission's trips to Ecuador to work with them. I sponsor a little girl with Compassion and she lives in the Ecuadorian jungle. She lives in a village called Santiak and I was wondering if you had ever been there and if you know anything about it? Thanks!!

    1. Hilary,
      Thanks for following our blog! Chad flies into Santiak a couple times a month. In fact, one of the other pilots flew there today because a Compassion team went in to do some evangelism services. So, your little girl is probably feeling some love from that team right now! Santiak has probably about 10 extended families living in the community. It's on the Pastaza river and is about a 30 minute flight from here. Let us know if you have any other questions.

    2. Thank you soo much for this information! I'm so excited! Have a great day :)