Saturday, June 16, 2012


When we first moved overseas Josiah was 5 WEEKS old!  Right before we left Ohio we had Josiah dedicated at church.  My (Andi) dad prayed and had everyone in tears as he prayed that God would provide grandparents for Josiah wherever we went.  God is faithful.  He provided grandparents here in Ecuador that were the BEST!  Not only were Ron & Margie Grant great surrogate grandparents, but they were/are great friends.

Of course, you guessed it, the reason for this post is that we had to say goodbye to the Grants.  Saying good bye so often is definitely a not so fun part of being a missionary.  Ron and Margie have been such a big part of our life in Shell, so we kind of never thought they would leave!   The only thing good about the timing of their departure is that we are about to leave on furlough ourselves and have that to look forward to instead of being so sad. 

Ron and Margie came here 14 years ago as "short term" staff with MAF.  Margie was a teacher and principal at Nate Saint Memorial School (NSMS) and Ron was our base maintenance guy....the guy you call when something goes wrong at home! They planned to stay for one year.   They both "served" well.  I don't think we will even realize how much they did, until we return from furlough. The have left some big shoes to fill.

The Grants have been with us in the good and the bad.  We've laughed A LOT and played A LOT.   They have been the answer to many more prayers than just the one that Andi's dad prayed.  Now they are heading to another MAF program in Lesotho Africa.  We will miss them, but we couldn't be more thankful for the years we got to spend with them. Thanks Ron & Margie for some great memories and for adopting us and our kids. 

Ron and Margie visiting Olivia on her birthday!

Ron's Birthday hat

The Grants hosted their own going-away party with a BINGO bash!

Unfortunately (or fortunately!) this gag gift, that has been floating around for a VERY long time, has found a new permanent home with Anna!!

The "official" bingo rules!

Josiah presenting Margie with a going away gift from the kids at school.

Our small MAF gathering.

Our last night together.

Playing games....we even let Ron win!

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