Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Every year, to end the school year, NSMS hosts the Olympics for the kids.  It started the week before with the ever-popular egg drop.   Then, the day of the Olympics they split the kids into 2 teams and give them time to come up with a team flag and cheer.  I wish I had a video of Josiah and Olivia's team cheer because it was hilarious! The kids both broke school records - Josiah in the 40 meter dash (we don't have enough room to run 50!) and Olivia in the long jump and the 40 meter dash.   A fun time was had by all!

Can you tell our kid's eggs didn't break?!

Team cheer,  it was something to do with Ninjas in case you can't tell.

Football accuracy

Long Jump
40 meter dash
Jump Rope

#1 fan

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