Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Friends and Training Camp

I guess life in Ecuador is a LOT slower than life in the "land of good and plenty!"  I just can't find time to blog.  I have so much to blog about and don't even know where to start.  I may start with more recent items and throw in some out dated things here and there.

Recently we were able to visit some great friends in Anderson, IN.  We got to know Phil and Sue Mercer when we were scrounging up support 12 years ago.  Phil was a pastor at a local church and we had some similar interests that helped us build a friendship.  We have watched their family grow and move and now go through a health crisis.  Phil has been quite sick with what they now think is an autoimmune disease.  While he's doing much better now, than in more recent months, I'm sure they would still appreciate your prayers as they figure out their new "normal". 

Because we were going to be in Anderson and our son is a HUGE football fan (he has no favorite team - just favorite players), we decided to surprise him with a side trip.  If you are an Indianapolis Colts fan, you know that their training camp is held at Anderson University.  So, literally, 2 miles down the road from the Mercer's is Anderson University!   It was fun to be so close to the practice field and see how big some of those players are! Josiah said that he didn't "need" anything for a long time after getting Andrew Luck's autograph!  So, I guess we're set for a while!!

This is why it was so amazing that Josiah got Andrew's autograph!  He didn't stay and sign for very long and there were just a "few" people calling his name!
Andrew Luck (#1 draft pick)

Chris Rucker

Antonio Fenelus

The crazy fans!
Olivia was slightly bored during the practice!  She was trying to play a game in the shade!


  1. still sad I missed you, but that's awesome that the training camp was a successful outing. :D

  2. Nice!

    That was very "Luck"y of him to get that autograph! ;-}