Monday, October 29, 2012

September photos

Here are some more random photos.....

This furlough is the first time Josiah has been old enough to mow.  Now there are 3 of us fighting to have some "alone time" on the mower!!

My sister, Kristi and Chad

My mom enjoying her Smore!

My brother-in-law, Jamie

My dad

Josh, Becky and Rachel McKinnon - friends we met in Shell, who are currently living in Indianapolis.  We LOVE that they are so close!!

Neil & Becky DuBois - friends from our Moody Aviation days.  We never have enough time with them.  We hadn't seen them in about 8 years!  Can't wait to see them again!

A last hike before school started.  You have no idea how many people are amazed at the relationship that these two have!  Josiah doesn't understand why boys in his class don't like their sisters!

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