Monday, January 21, 2013

Looking Back

Well, we're back "home" and are working at getting back to "normal" life.  Thanks for your prayers for us as we re-adjust.  I've found that it doesn't matter how many years we've been here, it's still hard to leave family behind and feel like you fit in here. You would think it would get easier with time - but it doesn't.  

I found this survey on-line and had the kids fill it out on New Year's Day....but then our life got in the way of blogging!  2012 was definitely a fun-filled year.  I thought this would be fun to look back on one day. 

Highlights for 2012

Greatest lesson learned
Olivia:  That anyone can make friends even in a different country.
Josiah:  That things can be harder than they look but worth the effort.
Andi: Wow, how do you narrow it down to one??
I don't need to worry.  God IS going to provide for my every need.
(I'm still working on that one!)
Chad:  That I still have a lot to learn. 

Hardest thing of the year
Olivia:  Picking up my room. 
Josiah:  Starting out at a new school.  
Andi: Saying goodbye.
Chad:   Feeling like I'm dragging my kids away from their family.

Favorite memory
Olivia:  Meeting Mrs. Roop (Her 3rd grade teacher) 
Josiah:  Getting to play football.  
Andi: Watching the kids be a part of team sports.
Chad: Seeing Josiah's first touchdown and his team's reaction.

What I love the most about 2012
Olivia:  Going to Disney World
Josiah:  That God planned everything to work perfectly for us in the U.S.  
Andi: Precious family times.
Chad:  Seeing God work through so many people to provide for our needs.

Looking forward to 2013

What I want to learn
Olivia:  More cursive.
Josiah:  How to make Tacos.  
Andi: How to trust God in EVERY situation.  
Chad:  To allow God to work through me and not rely on my own strength so often.  

Want to get better at
Olivia:  Playing the ukulele.
Josiah:  Playing basketball.  
Andi: Relaxing.
Chad:  Listening to my kids.

Biggest goal
Olivia:  Designing new cartoon characters.
Josiah:  Try to get stronger.
Andi: Being spontaneous. 
Chad:  Going along with Andi's spontaneity.


  1. Thanks for sharing all of your thoughts --- many of them are a good challenge to us all! Andi-- wish you were here and I could spontaneously plan something to take you away and help you relax! :) Hugs! Jane~

  2. It sounds like we have a lot in common Andi. I am going to remember to pray for you more this year. I am so thankful that this fall was so special for your precious children. Praying this spring is just as special. Our girls miss Ecuador so much. It is such a special little town. Your greatest lessons learned are so of my own...and yet something I still am no where close to fully living out day to day.

  3. I'm fine with being spontaneous, as long as it's my idea. :I