Friday, March 29, 2013

La Boda Part 1

When we first moved to Ecuador, we met the Insuasti family and we became fast friends.  Their son, Roberto had just started college in the capital and their daughter, Mika was 15.  Now, 11 years later, their daughter is studying at a Bible school in South Carolina, and their son just got married.  I know I say this on every post, but....where does the time go?!

We were privileged to take photos for Roberto and Jill's wedding.  It was definitely a privilege because we LOVE spending any time we can with their entire family.  They are so much fun!

Jill is actually from Michigan and they met when Roberto was in the US on a church trip, through some mutual friends.  So, in January they had their marriage ceremony in Michigan and then came back to Ecuador a month later and had a small ceremony and reception.  Silvana, Roberto's mom, had picked a beautiful spot for the wedding that was outside.  They had the seats set up under tents and it was so picturesque.....until this happened.....

It poured and poured and was so windy they had to move everything inside.   It finally cleared when we were ready to take group pictures. 

Jill and Roberto's cousins arriving as it starts to sprinkle.
Don't ask...

Roberto's beautiful cousins.
Crazy photographer

Silvana and Carlos - Roberto's parents

Roberto reacting to a letter being read from his sister who couldn't be there.

 Most Ecuadorian receptions have games instead of dancing. 

These guys had to go and find the shoes from the single girl guests and bring them back as fast as they could.

The last "musical" chair

I'll share some of our favorite portraits another day!

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