Saturday, April 27, 2013

Chad's weekend away

Chad recently spent the weekend in the jungle.  Alas (MAF) was asked to lead a Bible study in a community that hasn't had missionaries work there before.  It's a small community that was started by a few families who were in search of better hunting.  Chad was impressed with their attentiveness and the depth of questions that were asked.  Along with Chad were a couple other Alas employees, Wilson and Jorge and an HCJB doctor, Paul.   

Paul studying.

With Mario (head of table) our host.

Mario's son caught our breakfast, and lunch, and breakfast the next day.  Doesn't get much fresher than that.

Family pet eating some mango.

Paul enjoying some chicha.


Daniel happened to fly into the community, while we there, to pick up some teachers.

Paul doing some check-ups.

Yummy!  Wilson gets the clean bowl award!  I don't think there's a bit of meat left on that bone!

Mario brought his guitar to worship

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