Monday, June 24, 2013

Graduation/End of the Year Program

We are now parents of a 7th grader and a 4th grader.  How did that happen??  Here are the kids receiving their awards at the end of the year program.  We are so proud of them and how they did this year in school.  It's never fun to split the year in two different schools - but they really excelled at both schools and are always amazed at their flexibility.

Olivia and her teacher Mrs. Allison.  Mrs. Allison stepped up to take over Olivia's class when it was suddenly without a teacher.  We are so thankful that she was willing to teach.  Olivia loved her!

Josiah has had Miss Meuser for 3 of her 4 years here.  He is REALLY going to miss her.

Olivia's class presented their projects they had worked on by using articles in magazines.
And, last but not least, here is the Nate Saint Memorial School singing the "Shell Song"....

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