Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hoedown 2013

Every time Mike and Karol Hardin come back to town, it's a great excuse for a hoedown!  (That's right missionaries can get wild and crazy with some line-dancing....scandelous!)  The Hardins were fellow missionaries here way-back-when and now they come down and Mike fills in at the hospital for a couple weeks so other's can take vacation.  We love having them around...for the most part!  ; )

The watermelon seed spitting contest!

I had to post this pic for Gabriella!  Olivia LOVES the hat!

Serious concentration!

We wrapped up the night with a wild and crazy party at the Martin's house!....or did we?!!


  1. Looks like fun! Next time you are back here, you will have to join Julie and me at our line dancing classes!

  2. Oh my, does Pastor Jeff know about all these shenanigans a go n on? LOL