Saturday, August 3, 2013

Luy Visit - Equator

This summer has been soooo crazy busy.   I am going to now start posting stuff that happened back in June!  I'll catch up some day! 

Our first guest of the summer was the Luy family from Virginia.  We first met Anh-Dai and her husband Jeff at the Reston Bible missions conference back in November of last year.  They were talking about taking a vacation with their family during the summer and wanted to do something that was eye-opening for their kids and also had some meaning.  We had a great time, but our kids had a BLAST with their kids.  The Luy kids started the video-making craze in our house for the summer.  I'll share the link to their youtube videos in another post. 

Here are some photos of our time at the equator. 

Balancing an egg on the equator!
Anh-Dai trying to balance on the equator with her eyes closed.

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