Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Baños Field Trip

I was able to accompany Olivia's class (3rd-4th graders), plus the 5th-6th grade class on their field trip a few weeks ago.  Baños is about an hour away at the base of the active volcano, Tungurahua.  We were there to visit a zoo and have a picnic lunch in a park.  We had lots of chaperones, so my group consisted of Olivia, Mary Kellen, and Joshua.  Joshua and Olivia have been classmates since pre-school and Mary Kellen, who is in 5th grade, just moved to Shell with her family this year.

Can you believe this is the entire student body for grades 3-6?!  Smaller than Olivia's 3rd grade class at Crestview last year!  Miss Kendrick is on the left.  She teaches the 5th & 6th graders.  Miss Hazlett is on the right.  She teaches Olivia's class (3rd & 4th grades).

Joshua was quite the gentleman with these two young ladies.  He even sprang for lollypops for them!

3rd & 4th graders

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