Thursday, November 14, 2013

New Roof

Last week I posted about changing our roof and asked you to pray.  Thanks for the prayers!!  We stayed dry, which is simply all thanks to God!  It started to get cloudy when the guys had half the sheets on the roof.  They got the tarps ready, just in case....and it just sprinkled and went right by!  By the end of the day, the roof was covered except for the cap on the very top, where the panels come together.  At about 8:30 that night it started to POUR!  The 4 of us ran upstairs to put buckets and tarps out.  We were able to catch most of the water without ruining anything.  The next day we were able to finish the rest.  So, the 3 day job only took 2 thanks to MANY helpful hands!  Wilson, our maintenance guy, had everything cut and assembled ahead of time - so all the guys had to do was put it in place.  So, with Wilson directing and his cousin Marco's expertise, the job went incredibly smoothly.  I was impressed with these guys and super thankful!

Marco - this guy was hanging from every scary angle that he could've!  I constantly had to look away!  Plus, he did it all in his slippery rubber boots!  Don't know how he does it!

Wilson #2 and Mipo - they at least used harnesses and ropes.

Chet and Chad

Chet saved these baby birds who were nesting in the rafters.  The momma found them and was feeding them where we could see them for a few days and now they are gone.

Old sheeting almost off.

Cafecito - coffee break - or Coke and bread.  Mipo, Denis, Meniwa and Chad

William and Dan

Metal rafters going up.






One of the reasons for a new roof.

Now do you see what I mean with Marco?!  Not OSHA approved!

Old roofing

David - doing what he does best!

Marco finishing up.

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