Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gentle Savage

A few weeks back Chad was asked to fly into the Waorani village of Tzapino.   This trip would be a little different than most.  The reason for the visit was to officially dedicate a new book.  This would not be the first book written about the Waorani, but it would be the first written BY the Waorani about their own lives.   Three of the Waorani elders who took part in the spearing of the 5 missionaries in 1956  helped to write the book, but the main story is about, and authored by, Menkaye Enqueri.  It's an incredible book, not only about the missionaries being killed, but about the mens' lives before and after that fateful day in January 1956. 

Chad was able to fly the people who helped the story go from the recorded stories of the three men, translated into Spanish, and then finally into English. What a privilege to attend the dedication and see the entire community's excitement.   We have come to love so many of these precious people over the years.  In fact, Chad was threatened that he was going to get disciplined by one of the older women if he didn't bring me in the next time he visits.  They are such fun people and a constant reminder to us of God's amazing grace extended to us all.  Only He could transform lives in such an incredible way.

"Grandpa" Mincaye and his grandson Gilberto on the way to the dedication, which was about 45 minutes upstream from the community airstrip.

Mincaye's wife Ompode.
Mincaye, Gilberto, Ompode, Dyowe, and the "Giant"

Chanting at the dedication, before the box of books was opened.
Mincaye and Ompode seeing the book for the first time.

Tim Paulson and Mincaye after the dedication.

Our canoe to take us back to the airstrip

Our jungle lunch after the dedication.  Chet Williams, who wrote the forward for the book, and works with the Waorani is in the hammock.


  1. So blessed to call you friends! Thanks for serving the Waodani and US too!
    Love, The Williams Family

  2. The pictures are so pretty!! I miss having them at my home for guayusa and arepas :)