Monday, January 13, 2014

Alas Christmas Party

A few weeks back we had our annual "Hangar Christmas Party" for the employees and their families.  It is always a fun time.  We started out with a scavenger hunt where the teams had to hold hands.  We laughed so much!  Each clue led us to the next one.  At each stop we had to do something (lots of eating, drinking, and searching) and then the first team to arrive with everything done correctly was declared the winner.  You really had to follow instructions well, as the first 3 teams were disqualified for forgetting something or not doing it correctly.  Although Josiah's team was 4th to arrive, they ended up winning the race.  It was a blast and a great way to build team unity. 

Andi's team

Best action shot of the day.  Fernando flying over a puddle and never letting go of the hands of his partners.  That's teamwork!
Chugging a whole 2 liter of Coke and Dan laughing like a school girl.

Eating "magica" dipped with bananas.  It doesn't taste like cinnamon, but dries your mouth just like cinnamon.  Icky!

LOVE the chipmunk cheeks Beth!

Alicia (our accountant) celebrating too soon, as she soon found out that her team was disqualified!!!
Andi's team didn't win, but they were pretty culturally diverse.  Gringa, Quichuas, Shuara, Costeños, all on the same team.

Richard was the M.C. for the race and did a good job organizing it.  FUN!!!

Josiah's team finding out that they were the winners of the scavenger hunt.
Dan (our regional director) before the balloon shirt stuffing event.  Sadly, this was before the balloons were added!

Dan and Tracey having their balloons counted.

Richard and the girls enjoying the clown.

Another wacky game, which ended up being mildly PG rated as guys started taking off shirts to make the longest line of items/people. 

Dr. Gina and William- our two chefs for most events.  Gina is the airstrip Doctor and authorizes all of our air ambulance flights.  William is our grounds guy and also runs a Pizza restaurant in town.

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