Sunday, January 5, 2014

International Day

In honor of Thanksgiving and all the traditions that go along with the US exclusive holiday, NSMS hosted "International Day."  The kids were able to select a country of their choice and then over a two month period they had various assignments to do depending on the class they are in.  Along with their class presentations they also had to dress in traditional outfits, create a tourist brochure, a poster, and a food typical of that country.  After their class presentations the parents were invited to view the projects and taste foods from all the different countries.  It was a great idea and the kids loved working on it.

Olivia of course picked Sweden in honor of her best friend Miriam Egberth who is back living in Sweden.  With all our focus on Sweden for a few months it sure made us miss the Egberths even more!

Josiah picked Switzerland because the Neiswander side of our family originated there. 

Olivia, Natalie, Libby, Brooklin & Emily

Josiah's food of choice was chocolate fondue.  The beautiful box is keeping the candles under the fondue pot from blowing out!

Joshua - Mexico, Skyler - USA & Olivia

Josiah & Robby - Australia

Olivia and her teacher Miss Hazlett

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