Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Olivia!

Today Olivia has hit the double digits!

Happy 10th Birthday Olivia!!  

  Thank you Olivia for creating so much joy in our home.  We love watching God mold you into the sweet, young lady you are becoming.  Even though we hate to see you grow up, each year with you is more and more fun!  Thanks for being our "squirrel!"

Here is Olivia's yearly interview....

What is your favorite activity?

What is your favorite color? 

What is your favorite toy? 
The rainbow loom

Who are your best friends? 
Miriam,  Abi, and Emily

What do you want to be when you grow up? 
A missionary teacher in Africa.
What does Dad do all day?
Work ,play football, play volleyball, & so on…

What does Mom do all day?
Cook do laundry & so on…

What do you do all day?
Go to school!!!

What are your favorite books?
Calvin & Hobbes

What are your favorite movies?
FROZEN & the Croods

What are your favorite foods?
Empanadas & potato soup

What makes you happy?
When everyone is Happy!! :)

What makes you sad?
When someone starts crying.

What makes you mad?
When Jo makes soooo much noise that I want to pull my hair out!
When I can't block the goal in soccer.

What do you like to do with Dad?.

What do you like to do with Mom?
Lead singing at Chapel.

Highlights of 2013
Greatest Lesson Learned
How to get along with 6 other boys in my class being the only girl!!!
Hardest Thing this Year
When Miriam had to leave.

Favorite Memory
Playing with Miriam.

Looking forward to 2014
Want to Learn
How to sew.
Want to get better at
Being goalie  in soccer.
Goals for 2014  
To beat Erik in reading racers at school.

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