Thursday, March 20, 2014


A few weeks ago we celebrated "Carnaval" here in Ecuador.  This "holiday" is celebrated 40 days before Easter.  It precedes the time of lent or the time of preparation of the believer through prayer, repentance, penance, or abstention.  Here in Ecuador it is celebrated with throwing balloons filled with a variety of substances - water, flour, oil or just throwing eggs at people walking by!  At Nate Saint Memorial School we celebrate with a half day of school before the holiday, which is spend playing water games.  It's always a highlight for the kids and then they get a four day weekend. 

Each class gets a chance to throw a tennis ball thru a life preserver.  If they get it thru, then their teacher gets a water balloon popped on their head!  Fun times! 


I love Miss Kendrick's face in this one!


Miss Kendrick, Miss Hazlett, and Miss Hills

Josiah & Olivia

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