Friday, November 21, 2014


Chad has had the blessing of being able to attend  training for the new Kodiak airplane at Spokane Turbine Center in Spokane, Washington.  He (along with Daniel Soria - another Alas pilot) has been there all month and just yesterday left for Nampa, Idaho (MAF's headquarters) for more training, but actually flying the real plane and not a simulator this time.  What an awesome privilege God has given Chad and Daniel, and our whole program here in Ecuador.  The Kodiak seemed like an unattainable dream, and it's now a reality!  In fact, Chad just called to say they were about to go flying.  I think he was a bit more excited about it than I was!  Here are a few pictures he has taken of his time in Spokane.

Daniel and Chad along with classmates and instructors at STC.

Chad sitting in the STC Kodiak

This is the full motion Kodiak Simulator.  It's the only one in existence.

It looks so real!

Unfortunately they didn't have great snacks!  Can you even believe he sent me this picture?!!  So mean!
The guys got to visit Quest - the company that makes the Kodiak.
The new Alas airplane - still at the factory.

Most of their time was either spent in the simulator or the classroom learning how all of the systems and turbine engine operate.  Here they are learning about the navigation system for the Kodiak.

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  1. Great pictures. Josh just moved to Spokane a couple of weeks ago. He transferred up there with Horizon Airlines. Hope that you have a Happy Thanksgiving.

    Harold and Cheryl Holcomb