Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New Hangar Addition

With the addition of the new Kodiak airplane came the need for an addition to the hangar to house the new airplane.  These pictures may not be much for most of you....but I figured for those who used to serve here with us and those who have visited, they might be interesting.

The new part is located between the old hangar and the offices/maintenance building.  The old swinging gate is gone now and will be replaced with a wall and roll-up gate.

Fortunately the construction is well beyond this point and I need to take more pictures.  My photographer is in the US!   So,  I'll have to make that a post for another day. 

The red door on the left was Chad's office.

They also made the platform bigger.

The peanut gallery...

You would die to see some of the "safety" measures that are taken here!

Chad's old office...sorry it's blurry.

Not a part of the construction....but my dad (in the green...and not Latino!) was able to help Wilson (our maintenance guy) out by building new shelves for the pilots office.

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