Saturday, March 7, 2015

An Extra Passenger

Yesterday Chad did something he's never done before....landed with one extra passenger than when he took off!!

Chad's flight started with an emergency request to pick-up a dentist who is completing his "rural year" in a jungle community.  He was experiencing some sort of sickness and needed to be brought out to the hospital.  Thankfully, Daniela (a doctor also completing her "rural year" by working for the ministry of health in our hangar) went along since there was space.  Once in the community they decided to also bring a pregnant lady along who was having contractions.  Chad has literally flown hundreds of emergency medical flights and has never had a baby born in route.....until yesterday. 

He said the lady's contractions were very close together and he questioned the doctor about putting her in the plane.  The doctor reassured him that they had plenty of time to get to Shell.  About 10 minutes into the flight Chad heard some commotion in the back of the plane and realized people were out of their seats.  You see, Waorani women give birth standing up!  So....that's what happened.  Daniela was able to assist the new mother in her delivery, standing up in the back of the airplane, over the jungle!  Can't even imagine!  The baby and mother were fine and the joke is that the new little boy should be named Daniel (for the doctor) for the first name and Irwin for the middle name!  I'll keep you posted!

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