Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ferry Flight Day #3

Well day #3 is done and if you've been following the flight tracker, you'll see it hasn't moved today....

The guys arrived safely in Panama last night while the rest of the Alas de Socorro team hosted a cookout for a great work team from Nampa, Idaho - Crossroads Church.  During the meal there were lots of Facetime calls going on between the "higher ups" and Chad trying to figure out if it would be OK for them to continue on to Ecuador today. 

The plan is for them to fly in to Latacunga, which has a customs department that can process the airplane......well, they only work Monday thru Friday.  The guys here in Ecuador were trying all day to see if they could get special permission for them to land on a Saturday.  But, in the end, it didn't work out.  So, that means Chad and Daniel get a "free" weekend in Panama together!   I know they are tired, so an extra couple of days might be just what they needed. 

So, stay tuned for more flight pictures on Monday!
Thanks for praying!!


  1. Beautiful plane and great pictures! Praying for a safe trip home. - Salay's

  2. Will they get to do any sightseeing? The locks maybe? We'll keep praying. So fun to pics along the way. Love you, Ron and Margie

  3. Love that panel! Praying for patience- both waiting on the way and at home😕.

  4. Such a handsome man, oh I meant plane! ;) praying for a good flight wouldn't get anywhere around here..rain and very cloudy today! Be blessed Chad and Daniel!! MoM